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Hello There Friends!

I'm Angel, nice to meet you! I'm a Bulgarian, living in Czech Republic for the past 10 years. Married to a beautiful and smart Czech girl.

I've had my ups and downs in life and fought many personal battles. I've won many, I've lost some. I continue to fight everyday as I journey through life! It is not easy, but there's no quitting, I do what must be done, no matter what, to be a better version of myself each and every day.

I'm an Entrepreneur, a Business owner, Fitness & lifestyle coach and Mentor. I live my life to the fullest, have a 'loud inner child', love a good laugh, love dancing, partying. I enjoy being successful. I love looking good and I love working out.

I'm a high achiever and very positive person. I believe in myself a lot , my strongest sides are - being genuine, honest and transparent, I speak my mind and I'm a no BS guy. I love helping people tackle their challenges and be successful. I cherish the moment when I can help someone be better.

Whether you need to talk to someone about the dark places in life, whether you need shoulder to cry, to be yourself without judgement. Whether you need to laugh, talk silly things, throw stupid jokes and just enjoy the good vibes. 

Or you perhaps need an honest opinion of a friend - someone who supports you, believe in you and wishes your best even if it means to speak the truth which often times is unpleasant and we do not want to hear it - I'm here for you. Or whether you need a more serious discussion about achieving things in life, being successful, being a better version of yourself and what tools you can use to do so - you can be sure I can help with that as I'm living it everyday.

I'm here for you as a friend, as a coach if you let me, as a mentor. I'm here for you to listen to you , to hear you and to help you in any way I can. I've had many lessons from the best teacher - the life - and I make sure I use what I've learnt to help others in their own journeys.
It'll be an honour and a privilege to be your friend!

Stay amazing, you're a bad ass every day!
~Your Friend, Angel

My Services My Services

My Services

I'm an ambitious , results-oriented, highly motivated & high performance entrepreneur. A business owner who always seeks new opportunities, new possibilities to change and impact people's lives.

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Business Owner:

I’m an ambitious, results-oriented, highly motivated & high performance entrepreneur. A business owner who always seeks new opportunities, new possibilities to change and impact people’s lives. I’m the founder of kloudfluent s.r.o – an IT consulting agency, dedicated to helping enterprises – big and small – in their cloud journey.

At kloudfluent we believe in trust, transparency, openness and bringing value to everybody we interact with. I’m a life coach & mentor. A successful person who practices constantly the art of being a good leader and leading by example!

Fitness & Exercising:

Exercising makes you mentally strong, gives you tremendous will power, make you feel good about your self and set the stage for success! Going to the gym every day is non-negotiable


Visiting new places is one of the best things we as humans can do. Meeting new people, getting to know new cultures which expand our horizon is something we should do more often.


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